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The customer has the right of withdrawal without justification within 14 calendar days of receipt of the order and in accordance with Law 2251/1994. In this case, send an e-mail to to inform us about this. The product or products must be returned in their original condition and packaging. The costs of returning the product are borne entirely and exclusively by the customer.

Return of Ordered Products

Le Disque Noir takes all possible measures to ensure that the products are properly and carefully packed so that they reach you without damage. Some of our products are fragile and/or sensitive. For this reason, Le Disque Noir, in consultation with the transporters, sends these products with special markings and suitable packaging that fully protects them from any damage during transport and/or storage.

Nevertheless, in case of damage, the following applies:

At the time of receipt by the courier. In rare cases the item you receive may have been damaged in transit. If, at the time of receipt from the carrier (Courier), you find that there is damage to the packaging or the product, then do not proceed with its receipt. In this case, the customer is only responsible for the shipping costs. It is important when receiving your order from the carrier (courier) that you check the products, and especially if the packaging shows signs of wear, perforation, tearing. In the event that you receive the products without expressing a specific reservation at the time of receipt, it means that you have received the product unconditionally.

After receiving from the courier. At Le Disque Noir we take all the necessary measures – as mentioned above – for safe transport and storage. In the event that within 20 days of receiving your order from the carrier, you find damage to a product or part of it, then send an email to in which you inform us of the problem and at the same time tell us which of the following suggested actions you prefer:

A. return and replacement.
B. return and issue a discount coupon of equal value to the returned product for use on future purchases.

The damaged product must be returned in its original packaging and with all supporting documents that originally accompanied it. Return shipping costs from the customer to Le Disque Noir are the sole responsibility of the customer. Le Disque Noir will proceed with a replacement or issue a discount coupon (actions A. or B.) ONLY upon receipt of the damaged product. In case of receipt of a different product from the one of your order, then only the above action A. (return and replacement) applies.

Whether or not the above deadlines of 14 and 20 days have been met is certified from the date of receipt of the relevant e-mail from Le Disque Noir.